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  Preparing Horseradish for Easter is a family tradition that we have carried on from my late Polish Grandfather. In our family it is simply referred to as "horseradish" even though it is very clearly BRIGHT PURPLE. Our Horseradish is a mixture of pickled beets and horseradish. The Polish word for this mixture (beet horseradish) is known a s  Ćwikła (cheek-wa). We just call it horseradish.   Horseradish is part of our Holy Week tradition and it's extra special that we are able to grow it on small farm. I love growing horseradish because it thrives wherever we put it. Many of the roots that we have originated from a couple plants from my late grandfather's garden. It was prolific on their farm and I remember it planted across the property from typical garden beds to a valley at the bottom of a hill. We have planted it in many different spots across our own property and it continues to do well no matter where we place it. The great thing about the horseradish plant is t

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